Cynthia Hall

Senior UX Writer - UX Designer - Design Systems


I write and design for people.I have the natural ability learn, adapt, and respond very quickly, partly due to being a lifelong gamer. My user empathy comes from being a user myself, taking that experience to develop and communicate solutions that will help both users and the organization. I’m constantly paying attention to games and tech at large to get ahead of new trends and tools.For example, I spent a week learning python to code my own text-to-speech AI VTuber. Why? Because I wanted to play around with the ChatGPT API, and all the chatbot code repos I found didn't do anything close to the human-like complexity I wanted for my Twitch streams.(Please don't ask to review that code—I'm no engineer, and it's guaranteed to deal heavy psychic damage. At least it works beautifully despite the code.)Although I'm an all-rounder as UX design goes, I often focus on UX writing and interface improvements due to my extensive editing, UX, and product knowledge. My breadth of experience and ability is what led to a seat as a founding member of the Core UI Design System team at Twitch.I remained the only UX writer in the organization during my 8-year Twitch tenure, working on copy and UX/UI directly with UXD, UXR, Marketing, Monetization, Legal, Partnerships, Platform, and Customer Experience.


Diablo Partner
Content creator for Diablo

VTuber Commissions
Live2D, CSP

TTS AI VTuber Chatbot
UXW, UXD, Python, GPT4

UXD Portfolio
Updated 2024
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UXW, UXD, Marketing, Figma


UX Writer - UXD, Design System
Twitch · Full-time
Jan 2016 - Present · 8 yrs 1 mo
Irvine, CA

UX Writer/Copyeditor
Curse, Inc. · Full-time
Jan 2016 - Mar 2017 · 1 yr 3 mos
Irvine, CA

QA Specialist - Diablo & Hearthstone UI/UX
Blizzard Entertainment · Full-time
May 2011 - Jan 2016 · 4 yrs 9 mos
Irvine, CA

Product Specialist
Apotheosis Agency
Apr 2009 - Dec 2011 · 2 yrs 9 mos


Let's make something cool together. I'm always open to chat and also take on freelance work whenever available.

Cynthia Hall
Irvine, CA
chall @ aludiana . com